Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Finest Travel Software Company API to Grow Business

Travel industry is the only industry which is running smoothly even in the phase of recession. People are always willing to travel beautiful places because they want to spend some quality time with their family and friends. The important thing is that we should choose licensed travel software company which is a new methodology in terms of evolution of technology. Technology has not only change the scenario of business but it has also given a more structured and systematic approach to the business in which travel industry has come up with new and updated configuration. This has been happened due to the globalization concept in which traders from entire world get connected through digitalization.

Tourism business has integrated B2B portal for travel agent concept because it has made this business more scientific and structured. As we are seeing that everything is captured by online business and if travel industry will not consider this business with digitalization then it would be challenging to survive in the market. And the most important thing is that it should be customer friendly. Now people don’t have to wait in a long queue as you are just one click away from your ticket bookings.  User can track the status whether the ticket is confirmed or not. And the travel agent can easily monitor which train is late, delayed, cancel etc.

Travel agency which are filled occupied with the conception of travel software company are more successful and easy going as comparative to them which are not willing to adapt this newest business model. Nobody can deny the fact that with progress of technology the business comes in a controlled form. Furthermore it has always made a great coordination between travel and tourists because both want to lead smoothly in the market. Tourists will move to that travel portal which will provide them convenience and benefits at the top level and it can be happen only when the technology involved in the business.
Travel Software Company
It is not an exaggeration if we say that B2B portal for travel agent is boon for tourists as well as travel business. Now the thing is formulated and managed with the help of travel application program integration (API). Now by exploring internet you are able to understand that how beneficial and time saving if you choose white label travel portal for your travel plan. People are quite intelligent and they know which platform is appropriate for them and travel software application is without a doubt is an outstanding business approach.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

How Travel Software Development API Is Benefiting the Travel Business

Tourism and travel business has been hugely influenced by HI-Tech transformation and advancement. As the technology has developed its origin the tourism industry is getting improved with each and every invention. The usage of internet has become reckless and it has also made an apprehensive impact on tourism business which is very positive sign in terms of business growth. Travel software development applications are developed to grow business and maximize profit. The developments of technology and dependency over internet have surpassed the utilization of smart phone and personal computer in organizations as well as home. And travel enterprises are now assimilating the travel software API in orders to grow as an ecommerce travel enterprises.

white label development

There have been always a race and competition among the travel enterprises and with the concept of white label development it has not only increased the competition but it has also come up with advanced and authenticated alternative for tourists. As they have now a new list of licensed and upgraded tourist organizations which are genuinely making a positive changes in terms of giving massive number of advantages for customers. Furthermore with travel API development travel enterprises are making themselves more structured and systematic so that they can earn more money and recognition in the market. It is evidently reflecting that the technological transformations occur technology is leading a great step for success in travel industry.

This is the age of digitization and internet and if we will not consider its significance in current circumstances then it would be very problematic to progress in contemporary business approach in travel enterprises. Technology has made it very simpler to user as well as organizations and that is the biggest reasons that why tourism company are incorporating travel software development API. With the help of online travel portal development organizations are able to reduce their operational cost and valuable time which are an important asset of any organization.  Moreover the quality and performance of travel industry is getting flexible and better due to travel application program interface.
Travel software development

There is no different point in that tourists are opting out for contemporary and advance white label development incorporated travel enterprises in order to get more and more convenience.  And almost all the travel agencies are always ready to provide each and every travel benefits for tourists so that their credibility becomes stronger in the market which happens only because of news and advanced travel software application concept.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Video Marketing Strategy - Drive More Sales In Travel Business

For a hospitality and travel business to flourish, it is very important to have an online presence. With passing time the customers are becoming much aware of the latest technology inventions and it has become more important to improve your customer’s experience through innovation. To transform and expand your travel business extensively it is significant to comprehend the latest digital dynamics and consumer behavior for the growth.
Video Marketing Strategy

To start with it, if you are an entrepreneur, travel agent or tour operator, make your agency visible online with your own website. The white label solution for travel agents offer a portal engraved with real-time flight booking, hotel booking and package booking engine. All you need to do is to promote your website and generate traffic for business.  A lot of travel businesses today are using content marketing for the website promotion. Content marketing is an exceptionally helpful way to sell your travel products.

If Statistics are to be believed over the past few years video marketing has become a powerful content marketing tool to sell a destination package for travel agents. The simple reason is that what is seen is made from that which is unseen and people tend to remember video more than text. The videos leave a strong influence on the minds of the customers.

The popular video sharing platform on the internet over the years has been YouTube. It has emerged as the most powerful source the user operates every day. Any kind of businesses for a strong online presence will display video content on the home page of their brand’s website. They use video to exhibit the products provided by them and how it can benefit the customers.

Before travelling to any destination the travellers count on visual impact, which helps them in making decisions easily. For instance, if you are a travel agent and want to sell your travel package of  Dubai and have a video, which demonstrates the sightseeing activities and when the client watches a video of the beautiful destination, it will enhance the chances of the customer booking that trip with you.

Video marketing helps in creating a brand name for travel agents. So if you have just started a travel business, you can show a video of some interesting facts about your brand, which will help you increase recognition. An impressive video on your website is a great way to perk up an online engagement of potential customers. This helps in generating leads for your business.

Business entrepreneurs are becoming aware of the power of videos to generate more traffic and sales, which will continue to be on a climb for years to come. It is the right time for travel agents to start video promotion as it will certainly help the business to grow. If you are a start-up get a b2b portal for travel agents with an API based online booking engine and through video marketing generate traffic to your website.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Travel Software - A Smart Choice For Tour Operators

The tourism industry has a lot to offer to a travel enthusiast. With the rising status of the individual and easy money it has become possible for people to take vacations each year. It has also become a compulsory activity to take a trip for breaking down the slow pace of monotonous life and come back to work all charged up with the refreshed memories of amazing holidays. Now more and more people are travelling across the globe for business as well as leisure travel.

At the same time tour operators are emerging in abundance to get a handle on the rising demand for travel bookings and accommodation reservation. The availability of plethora of choice offers greater flexibility for travelers that has forced the service providers to use new and innovative techniques to lure customers. Travel software applications are one such invention that has made the excess of everything to be handled conveniently. A trip planning software applications provided by travel software company allow an agency or a traveler to perform a range of tasks related to organizing a tour easily. The features offer advantages to tour  operators, as well as travelers.

These software applications are more beneficial to tour operators as they perform vast functions for an holiday booking. They create vacation packages and customize it according to the customer's choice, prepare itineraries and organize business conferences. Thus, their services are not restricted to making a transportation reservation, but also include hotel reservation, arranging public transport, restaurant reservations, car rentals for special tours and attractions, arrangement of insurance and currency exchange.

The white label travel portal is designed to perform various functions very expediently. It provides advanced travel reservation software modules that allow you to perform all these tasks at one platform without having to switch to another program. The software facilitates a customer to select the type of hotel they prefer to stay along with the flight reservations. The most attractive feature is the convenience of customizing an itinerary, which is preferred by most of the travellers. Other additional features include the ability to generate invoices, vouchers and bills with the software.
travel software company
The travel software program, gives the travel agents a freedom to manage the time and expenses with caution and also helps in monitoring people working in the organization. This software has everything that you need to do to improve the image of your brand. By integrating an automated travel software to your web portal freed yourself from the manual labour and enhance customer satisfaction.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Retain Customers Online to be a Better Travel Agent

Travel has become a passion to break out from the monotonous life and simultaneously travel planning and booking have seen a remarkable transformation in the last decade or so. Whether it’s traveling for business or leisure, the modern customer prefers a more pleasure seeking travel experience with ease. So it becomes exceptionally significant for travel agencies to familiarize with new age travelers who prefer booking everything online. For flight ticket booking or hotel booking online now travel agencies are opting for travel portal development services as they need to modify their marketing strategies for retaining customers online.
travel portal development

According to a travel industry specialists and associations the only key to preserving existing customers is to understand them thoroughly and offer them more than what they expected for. In the online world a constant change is what customers are accepting. Optimizing the website to turning lookers into bookers will definitely need the perfect amalgamation of successful and pertinent travel offers. Also an effective website with attractive images, solid content and user-friendly navigation are inclined to engage more customers than ever expected. While a user come face to face with your website it is essential to make them understand the USP of your brand.

Well, you cannot deny that for any successful and thriving business, without a trace in the social media world, it is impossible to retain customers online. Direct approaches to an inquiry or booking raise the chance of attracting even non-technical customers where they can engage themselves easily. With the advent of travel bookings on mobile devices today it has become essential for the travel agents to optimize their website for the same use. When customers use the online option to book flight or hotels, chances are that they can find many amazing deals.

There are many travel websites where additional charges are hidden and are mostly revealed at the last stage of the checkout process. This can cause a lot of potential buyers to discard their booking and go to another site, as they get disappointed with the final price. With the increasing tendency of online bookings, integrating a transparent and well-known payment gateway can also help retain the customers.
white label development

If you’re thinking of starting a travel business and want to reach the ladder of success more swiftly than creating your own online travel portal is a good decision. The white label development solution for travel agents, hotels entrepreneur will unlock flexibility in business to retain more customers online. It will improve service quality and will give your probable clients updated information, which will keep them engaged online.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Key Information on GDS XML & Consolidates Suppliers of Flight Ticket Booking Engine

Flight booking is an essential part of any travel curriculum or itinerary. So, basically without flight booking any itinerary or travel package is almost incomplete. So, all travel agent or online travel company must look for the best flight booking features to incorporate in their online travel store. The best way to get edge over your competitors in online travel market is to opt for travel portal.
Travel portal is the best aspect that ensures high customer focused services and specialized in multiple features simplicity at one point. It’s brings the most advanced technology to assist your travel business and boost your sales. Customer prefer the instant booking option, cancelation procedure, secured payment methods, and comparing services of different providers at one place. So, we can conclude that flight booking engine is one of the first priority of every business houses. You can hire ‘API Technology’ the leading ‘API providers in Delhi’; to get the most advanced flight ticket booking application.
Flight Ticket Booking Engine Provider

What is flight ticket booking application?
Flight ticket booking application is also known as flight ticket booking engine. It’s generally a platform, which is designed to facilitate online flight ticket booking, providing flight schedule, date and time of journey along with fare. So, you get to check the flight tickets from various airlines at the same place with all necessary details. The booking procedure is instant through medium of internet, and payment mode is secured.
Therefore, contact the flight ticket booking engine provider ‘API Technology’ to develop the travel portal as per the needs of your travel company. When you trust us, you get in return to access the ‘Global Distribution System, XML, and API Providers’. So, give your business clients the ease of searching the best deal in air fare, check low cost air carriers, and schedule of both domestic as well as international air carrier’s transit.

Who are the key GDS suppliers of ‘Air Ticket Booking API Integrations’?

  1. Sabre
  2. Galileo / TravelPort
  3. Amadeus
  4. Apolo GDS
  5. Worldspan
Who are the key XML suppliers of air ticket booking engine?
  1. Yatra
  2. Arzoo
  3. Travel Boutique Online
  4. Herms
Who are the key consolidates of air ticket search engine?
  1. TravelFusion
  2. Carsolize
  3. Mystifly

To, get more information contact ‘API Technology’ and hire the best travel portal services.